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The discussion is inmate classification.What are the major inmate classifications and how the inmate is assigned those classifications?

Inmates are classified shortly after they are placed in the correctional system.It is important that they are classified as soon as possible because there could be significant health risk for the inmates and the people that are in their presence.In my State of Arkansas inmates all process into what is known as the Pine Bluff Unit.This unit does a complete medical evaluation of the individual and then they are assigned to one of the units that will fit their needs and risks.

When an inmate arrives into the system, a specialist begins to develop a profile of the offenders ’ crimes, background, health and education to include a few other areas.With that information they will be assigned to one of the following classifications.Close, Medium, Minimum I, Minimum II, and Minimum III.These classifications are listed in a descending order of risk.Those in close custody are at the highest risk level and those in minimum III present the least risk.

There are some additional classifications that inmates are assigned such as their treatment programs.There are programs for inmates that are addicted to drugs or those that are older and has ailments that Affleck the elderly.The facility that houses inmates with substance abuse issues I my state will place them in a treatment program.Upon successful completion of the program, they have 3 years reduced from their sentence.The facility that has the geriatric inmate is designed where they have handicap accessible areas. Everything is on a flat surface.There are no stairs, more handrails and such.It is completely designed for elderly patients.There are even facilities for the terminally ill.Those that are dying may even be assigned to the Geriatric Units.

The inmates are evaluated on the regular bases usually every six months.If new information is received on the inmate that could impede the status or change their status, it is done within 14 days of receiving that information.

Inmate classification is the cornerstone of corrections.It is a must that inmates are classified for their safety and for the safety of other inmates and the staff.It is doing the inmate a dis-service if they are not being rehabilitated while they are in the system.As a part of the re-entry program, they will have to meet certain specifications in order to be released back into society. After release they will most likely need continued treatment and be monitored for certain behaviors such as drug use.

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