revision for a paper 2

I need help with revising this paper and adding two pages.

revision comment:

“Your writing is fine, but you have discussed fishing market in general. It will be better if you link your writing with US fishing market. Your writing has only two segments, introduction & conclusion. This sort of segmentation isn’t necessary and better to avoid.”

paper requirement:

  • Use economic terminology to discuss the market failures and catch share solution
  • Address the feedback from draft 1
  • Include graph
  • Include updated references/bibliography page

paper description:

Describe the fishing market using what you have learned about scarcity, marginal analysis in decision-making, and markets. You must include a discussion of resources, supply and demand, as well as marginal benefits and marginal costs. Think of this as an explanation of the pros and cons of the market using economic terminology.

Describe the benefits and costs but leave the discussion of catch shares and other solutions to the problems in this market for later drafts. DO NOT discuss catch shares, only discuss the fishing market without this intervention>

i have attached the paper

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