rhoads v kidd paper

Instructions for and format of the Rhoads v Kidd paper: Read the Rhoads case (Handout 7 for Chapter 14). Paper is to be typewritten and between eight and 10 full pages. As with the Defoe paper, you want to present a cogent summary analysis of the case; and use these headings: Facts (be brief – don’t spend more than a paragraph or two on the case facts); Question(s) or Issue(s) – (either word, as they mean the same thing in our case analyses). What is the core issue of this case?; Analysis – (the most important part of the paper, which should be most of the paper’s length;Conclusion in a short paragraph – (state how the Court applied the applicable law(s) to the case facts; how did the Court answer the question(s) or resolve the issues(s)?

This is a legal analysis and a research paper; meaning you are to discuss the case and add content (in the Analysis part of your paper) from what you have learned from the text, lectures, and Handouts about defamation and privacy laws.


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