rights and responsibilities paper

Assignment Content

  1. Resources: Teacher handbooks, student-parent handbooks, and school board policy,
    Brochure Builder
    Choose one of the following options to complete this assignment:

    • Brochure, newsletter, or teacher handbook article
    • 700-word (minimum) paper

    Define the roles, responsibilities, and ethics of teachers, students, and parents in the process of education as found in the publication resources.
    Respond to the following items, and other findings that you may discover:

    • Are codes of ethics written, implied, or evident in the published documents?
    • What specific policies address the roles and responsibilities of all parties?
    • What unwritten expectations are implied?
    • What provisions exist for the principle of due process?
    • What additions, corrections, or other ideas might you include to better facilitate improved communication and ethics?

    Research at least three sources to support your work.
    Format your work according to APA guidelines as applicable.

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