sai cap i need to reply to the below discussion

I need to reply to the below discussion. min 150 words

Bharat Pyla – Thursday, July 11, 2019, 12:51 AM

For an organization to be successful, just the team is not enough. For a team to be successful, the team should be effective. Effective team is nothing but to have healthy conflicts which will induce the creative ideas into the team. So having a positive conflict will be very helpful for the team to be effective(Cohen et al. ,1996). So when the team is effective then it yields the success and if the team is not effective then the results will be poor. So to have the effective team, the characteristics are having the open discussion like, team members should often participate in the productive discusion and should also contribute to the team.(Nurhidayah Azmy, 2012). A decision should be made by convincing the team members which will have the effectiveness instead of the voting for decision making. Leading a team is also makes the team effective. Leading a group should change depending on the circumstances or the situations. Team should always have a common goal. To achieve the common goal, team should work as one without any conflicts. So these are effective ares for the team to perform effectively. Ineffective team will perform poorly as there will no discussion on the decision making. The team will agree on the idea and they won’t try to improve or think creative to develop the idea. So this will result in the poor results of the team. Sometimes, making decision by voting will also decrease the chance for the progress. So this explains why the the effective teams perform so well and the ineffective performs so poorly.


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