select a mitigation option for a hazard answer the following questions

Please see the below the questions below that I would like to have ;individually answered. This assignment must consist of 1200+ words with 3 Scholarly Sources, the below reference must be used as one source . **NO PLAGIARISM WHATSOEVER**

1. How effective is the action in avoiding or reducing future losses?

2. Will it create more problems than it fixes?

3. Does it solve the problem or only a symptom?

4. How will this action affect the environment?

5. Will this action comply with environmental laws and regulations?

6. Is the action consistent with the community’s environmental values and goals?

Textbook and Reference is attached below:

Haddow, G., Bullock, J, & Coppola, D. (2011). Introduction to Emergency Management, 4th Edition. Burlington, MA.

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