shared practice 5

Read the case study:”WestJet Airlines: Information Technology Governance and Corporate Strategy” by Malcolm Munro and Sharaz Khan.

I. Prepare responses to the following Discussion prompts:

  • When Cheryl Smith, the new CIO, arrived at WestJet, she was asked by the CEO to advise whether or not the company had an adequate IT infrastructure. What aspects of the WestJet IT situation did she assess in order to respond to the CEO’s concern, and why do you think they are important?
  • Summarize and critique Smith’s assessment.
  • Offer evidence/arguments that major changes in IT at WestJet were essential and that Smith’s governance model would enable WestJet to achieve its strategic goal.
  • Summarize the lessons you learned based on the experiences at WestJet. How might these lessons help your organization evaluate its information technology capabilities and best serve its business strategies and needs?

General Guidance on Assignment Length: 2-3 paragraphs

II. Prepare a business memo, written to your Instructor that explains how you plan to incorporate your learning from the week into your Final Project. This will not be a “perfect” synopsis at this point, but it should capture the main themes and important ideas from the week. Your memo should include the following:

  • Your preliminary summary of how you are planning to incorporate this week’s learning into your Final Project
  • Your ideas and recommendations for how your organization can drive value from business information systems
  • Other relevant recommendations or issues that you identified, with a brief analysis of why they are important

General Guidance on Assignment Length: 2-3 pages excluding a title page (not required for this Assignment) and references.


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