single space 1 page paper criminal law

THIS PAPER IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT! You have to follow the guidelines EXACTLY! I had a phone call with the professor and created a NOTEPAD of the answers that need to be mentioned in each section! Read my notes and make sure you include EVERYTHING I HAVE IN THE PAPER! It also needs to be formatted like the sample attached after the instructions!!!

Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice

Article Summary Directions

You are required to read and summarize research articles this semester. The article summary is limited to a single-spaced one page paper. You must summarize the article I give you. It will be posted to BlazeView. Provide the following four items in your article summaries:

  • Place the correct APA citation for the article at the top of the page.
  • Provide the Article Overview at the beginning of your summary explaining the overall contribution of this article. This is like a summary of the summary. It should consist of 3-5 sentences listing the main points of the article. You will do this last in practice but putting it first lets you easily see the content of this article without reading the entire summary. This will be helpful if you use this method for all your classes that
  • need research cited.

  • Define the Methods being used. This includes the sample information and measures
  • (or variables) used during the study.

    o Sample: The sample may be a group of participants or previous studies that

    have explored the topic. Be clear on this. State if the authors (or the previous studies they looked at) mention different populations looked at. For example, some authors refer to other studies to build their argument. These other studies might have looked at samples of prison inmates, offenders who were released on bail, or individuals on community sanctions. State specifically what they looked at. Other good information to add is the year(s) included and the total number of participants (or studies).

    o Measures: The measures are the variables the author looked at.

    ▪ Independent Variable(s) (IV): The IVs are what impacts change in the dependent variable. For example, many studies have evaluated the impact of race and socioeconomic status on recidivism. In this case, race and SES would be the IVs and recidivism would be the DV. IVs can be anything the researchers hypothesize and can include items such as type of program used for treatment, an individual’s level of self-control or impulsivity, or if the individual experienced physical or sexual abuse as a child. Note those measures that were most significant in the article if there were many discussed. Make sure to explain vague concepts (such as how they measured self-control). Specifically state “The independent

    variable(s) for this study were…” I want to see you know the difference

    between the IV and DV.

    â–ª Dependent Variable(s) (DV): CJ is often concerned with the

    outcome measure of recidivism (often operationalized as a new arrest, conviction, incarceration). Other outcome measures may include quality of life markers, prison misconducts, or test scores. These are the dependent variables. State the DVs of the study specifically, “The dependent variable(s) for this study were…”

  • Outline the Findings of the study. Focus on the main findings discussed in the article. Be specific. If the authors tested a relationship between childhood abuse and involvement in criminal activity as an adult, make sure you discuss what they found. Was this a significant relationship or not? I should see the relationships between the IVs and DVs you defined under the measures second of the summary. This will be your longest section.
  • Assignment Requirements:

    You are required to summarize this article in a single-spaced one page paper. For this assignment, I will not accept anything over one page. For example, if some key findings are on page 2, you will miss on some of the points for that section. Every section must be on the one single-spaced page required for the assignment. That said, it does not have to be a full page. It can be less if you are able to address all sections in less than a page.

    The point of this assignment is for you to learn how to summarize research articles. Additionally, this will increase your skills at taking large amounts of information and synthesizing it down into the most important points. One page summaries are commonly used in graduate school or literature review presentations when you work in the field. This is a good skill to learn!

    The following items must also be met:

  • Margins are one inch and use a 12 pt font (Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri
  • only).

  • Submit the assignment with a separate cover page that contains your name, date,
  • and the class title.

  • You can have one direct quote (with the proper citation) in this paper but
  • paraphrase otherwise. More than one quote results in a deduction.

  • For this assignment only, you do not need in-text citations that reference the article itself (except for a quote). You do need an in-text citation if the original author is referencing someone else. The APA proper syntax for this is (Authors as
  • cited by Assigned Article Authors, Assigned Article Year).

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