six page discussion essay on controversial topic

There is a very good 7-step guide on how to write your essay attached to the Essay Topics. Follow that guide.

However, a week or so ago, I briefly discussed with some students how to write an essay. They want me to memorialize our discussion.


  1. Main ingredient in The Body of a decent argumentative essay:
    1. Any main point you push forward must be fully discussed.
    2. A counterpoint to be fully discussed, not just mentioned.
    3. Defend your main point against the counterpoint.
    4. You repeat the process for each main point.
  2. Introductory Paragraph
    1. Write something at the beginning of the essay to get going. However, you have to come back to fix the opening paragraph(s) after the essay is completed. Well, it is after the essay is done (or almost done) that you know what will go into the opening paragraph(s).
    2. Nothing wrong using personal aspirational style: In this essay, I will discuss . . . . It is okay in Philosophy.
    3. Tell us what your essay is about and what you hope to do with it.
    4. Avoid stuff like ‘In the history of humankind . . . .’ Also, avoid long paragraphs. They smell of desperation to occupy pages.
    5. Two paragraphs, a couple of lines each, are sufficient for Introduction.
  3. Concluding Paragraph
    1. Tell us your conclusion. Try to match the conclusion with what you have in your Introduction.
    2. Be reflective on what you have done and where your essay might go in the future. You can be speculative, but don’t get carried away.
  4. Avoid technical details; this is a philosophical essay. We are interested in the issues and how you handle and think about them. Sometimes, some technical details may be relevant to the point you want to make. Well, warn us before you go into them.
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