sociology essay 74

For this assignment, you will take and reflect on ONE Implicit Association Test (IAT). IATs use a series of computer exercises to assess subconscious biases based on race, weight, gender, ethnicity, etc. EVERYONE has some sort of subconscious bias. The goal of this assignment is to encourage self-reflection and awareness related to the topics we discuss in class. You will NEVER be judged or graded based on the type of results you receive. As I stated above, EVERYONE has biases(including your instructor!)Having them does not make you a “bad” person or “abnormal” in any way.

To take your IAT, visit:o…. taking the test, click on the ‘About the IAT’ tab and read about the test.

•For this assignment, please take the Race IAT

•The IAT will have you complete a series of simple computer exercises. The IAT will also ask you for basic demographic and attitudinal information. This information is used by Harvard University only for research purposes and does not affect the result of the test. The IAT will take you roughly 20minutes to complete.

•After your IAT, you will be presented with your individual results as well as a graph of results for Americans overall(make sure not to click through these too fast, or you might miss your results!)Use these to compose a 2 page reflection essay based upon the questions below:

a.What do your individual Race IAT results reveal?Were you surprised by your results?Can you think of any reasons that you received these results? Explain.

b.How do your results for the Race IAT compare to those for Americans overall(bar graph provided below)?Be specific. What are the implications of the Race IAT results for Americans overall? Explain.

c.Why is it important for people to make an effort to recognize their implicit associations? What are the potential negative impacts of implicit associations? Explain.

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