systemic theories neorealism neoliberalism and constructivism

Question 1

The rise of China over the last three decades has been a significant cause of concern among Neo-Realist students of international relations. Do you believe this concern is justified? Why?

Even if you do agree, discuss at least two theoretical counter-arguments, at the systemic level, that offer less pessimistic conclusions about China’s rise.

Question 2

Discuss the internationally-recognized legal bases for the use of force, including both customary and treaty laws. Upon what does the United States rely as authority to use force in the Global War on Terror?

Question 3

Under what conditions, if any, is the individual level of analysis more useful than the unit-level or system-level? Why? In your response, describe at least three specific examples in which the individual level of analysis could provide greater insight into state actions.

Question 4

Whom are IFIs, such as the IMF, World Bank, and WTO, accountable to? In preparing an answer to this question, analyze whose interests are represented through the work of these IFIs and some of the accountability challenges they face.

Question 5

Do you believe that cultural/ideational factors help explain America’s interactions with the outside world? Explain why, or why not. Regardless of your answer, offer a plausible hypothesis about the effects of culture on America’s foreign policy, and discuss ways to test this hypothesis empirically.

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