the role culture plays in shaping identity based on certain traits

The essay must be persuasive and have a clear thesis statement that states the argument. The essay must be 6-8 paragraphs in length, contain real world analysis, and contain quotes/ support from 2-3 texts listed with the prompt you select. Support must also come from examples away from the texts. The amount of in-text citations allowed is 4 min/max for the essay, and the citations must be documented in the paper in MLA format.

Focus more on analysis rather than the texts and their plot. 


A culture has many facets which help to define important traits found within a culture. Whether it is a culture in modern or historical society, people are often judged based on the culture in which they lived. 

Analyze the role culture plays in shaping identity based on certain traits within a said culture. Use objective analysis and a maximum of 2 examples away from the texts and quotes from: “Black Men and Public Space”, “How Soccer Explains the American Culture Wars” and/or “How Everything is Possible”, and/or “An Animal’s Place” (you only have to select 2-3 texts from which to quote).

I would prefer if the first two texts are used in the persuasive essay. 

The rest of the texts can’t be uploaded due to Studypool capacity restrictions, so if needed, please contact me and I will email  the rest of the text. 

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