the student must choose an employment position i e new employment promotion a lateral transfer and or a start up business and describe your first 365 days in the position

Course Paper due week 8 The student must choose an employment position (i.e. new employment, promotion, a lateral transfer and or a start-up business). The topic of your course paper ” My First 365 days”. The paper has (4) parts as followed, 1)introduction

2)Problem Solving

3)Implement and evaluate

4)Projected Outcome

Breakdown of the Course Paper: 10% Introduction of the organization and the position 40% Problem Solving (discussion in reference to the trends) 40% Implement and evaluate 10% projected outcome

I have attached 2 examples of what is expected and the Job that I Choose will be Human Resource Management of any company. This is a hypothetical situation, so the company name can be made up. Please make sure you don’t copy the examples and you site any material.

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