theory evaluation paper choose a theory from psychology sociology or communications to write about

Theory Evaluation Paper Guidelines

Choose a theory from psychology, sociology, or communications. Here are examples of those theories:




Please note that these are examples.

Once you have chosen your theory, you will need to find at least five (5) secondary scholarly research sources on the theory as well as include primary research (an interview with someone, surveys, or documented observations). The five secondary sources must come from library research databases (no exceptions). Focus on sources that are no more than 8-10 years old.

In your paper, you will:

1. Describe and explain the theory,

2. Discuss current research on the theory, and

3. Apply the theory to the experiences of others. You will interview someone as part of your research, and you will take the theory you chose and apply it to that person’s experiences.

Your 1,500 – 2,000 word paper should follow the structure and student example outlined on pages 197-207. Take note of the margin notes on the student example.

Avoid over-using direct quotes. Paraphrase most often, and only use quotes when you are unable to translate information into your own words without changing the author’s ideas or intent. You may use no more than two lines of quoted text (lines, not sentences) for each page of your paper.

You must use APA format for this paper:

Your audience will be your classmates.

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