think tank

Please write a 2 pages summary of 3-Think Tanks describing their role in policy making and contribution on research/collaboration with Agencies and Departments. (use in-text citation for your reflective summary)

Resources: (please use their research window and type ”Think Tanks” so you can get the list. if it doesn’t work then do your own research online: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) “Top US Think Tanks” or “Think Tanks Policy Making”
Use: google research; there are many resources/listings on Think Tanks.

Brookings Institution (Links to an external site.)
Woodrow Wilson Center, you can also search top US Think Tanks contributing to policy making.

or more links if you can find/ also watch the Supplemental Video on “Think Tanks” under Module Week #3

Try to address in your summary:

  • History/Purpose of the Think Tank (it should be an American Think Tank)
  • Contribution in Policy Making
  • Research interest of the Think Tank
  • Collaboration if any with Agencies/Cabinets
  • Profit or Non-Profit
  • Political Ideology

Cite your Sources (in-text citation or Bibliography)

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