this is a short article 8 pages that discusses theories about how people make moral judgments

Read the section in Chapter 7 on psychopathy (refer to pages 182-184). Next, click on the following link and read the article: Antisocial personality and untilitarianism-1.pdf. This is a short article (8 pages) that discusses theories about how people make moral judgments. Interestingly, those who scored higher for psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and life meaninglessness scored higher on utilitarian solutions to moral dilemmas (i.e., actions that serve the greater good) than those who chose non-utilitarian solutions (i.e., placed greater primacy on individual worth). This finding is interesting because researchers have argued that utilitarianism is a more appropriate framework to evaluate moral judgment. Based on what you learned, how can a person with psychopathic personality attributes make morally worthwhile decisions; whereby a psychologically healthy person acting in good conscience make a morally wrong decision when faced with a similar moral dilemma? Please give an example.

Remember the earlier discussion about the role of the autonomic nervous system in shaping the development of our consciousness. One of the defining characteristics of the psychopath is his/her inability to experience social emotions (e.g., shame, embarrassment, empathy, guilt). Such emotions restrain our activity by preventing us from engaging in behavior that will cost us our reputation or relationships with others. In psychopaths, studies have shown that brain’s cognitive and emotional networks do not tie together as well as “normal” people. For this reasons, psychopaths do not process social emotions is “social approved” ways. It is assumed that psychopathy is an adaptive strategy sharpened by evolution. What advantages would it have given our ancestors and does those behavioral strategies class with today’s “socially approved” ways? Please explain your answer.

This answer should be at least 300 words in length. A paragraph should be a minimum of three complete sentences.

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