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Auteur Project (250 pts)

You will be selecting a filmmaker from the list

provided and conducting an “auteur” study of that director,

watching at least 2 of her/his/their films, researching their life

and work, observing their characteristic themes and stylistic

choices, and presenting what you found in an online Auteur Workshop

(small group forum on Brightspace) during our final week of the

semester. Depending on the director you choose, you will be

placed into a smaller group to post/share/present/discuss your work.

Group pages will be established on our course site.

Format & Submission: This project contains three components:

  1. RESEARCH & WRITING: a 3-4 page research and analysis paper, with Works Cited, summarizing the results of your research and screening of your chosen director’s work, submitted using Turnitin AND posted to your assigned Auteur Workshop Group Forum.
  2. PRESENTING: selecting a representative film clip to be posted/linked to the Auteur Workshop Group Discussion Forum AND the whole class forum (called Auteur Directors Extravaganza!), including a 2-3 paragraph presentation to introduce and analyze the clip, explaining why it is an interesting example of the work of your chosen director.
  3. WORKSHOPPING: reading your groupmates papers, participating in a “group interview,” and discussing each other’s directors in your Auteur Workshop Group Forum.

Your Projects are DUE Friday, July 26th by midnight (or earlier): your research and analysis papers are to be submitted on Assessment/Assignments AND uploaded to your Auteur Workshop Group Forum, along with your 2-3 paragraph presentation and clip. Your presentation and clip are also due on the whole class forum “Auteur Directors Extravaganza!”

Your group’s discussion forum and interview (with Amanda and your groupmates) will continue through Sunday, July 28th, to wrap up by midnight (or earlier)

While you will be presenting and discussing your chosen director in a group, this is NOT a group project! You will be completing your own study of your chosen director and will be solely responsible for your work, and only your work.

Director Selection: Take a close look at the list of directors provided below and pull out a few directors who speak to you; spend some time on to learn more about each one! Also check out how readily available their films are to you – library, rental, online, etc. Then SELECT ONE DIRECTOR – your top choice, followed by your second and third, just in case – by filling out the attached form and copying it into an e-mail to me.

I will accept and approve your requests on a first-come-first-approved basis, beginning immediately! We are aiming for a diverse selection of filmmakers to explore and a manageable number of people in each group, so I am asking for your back-up choices just in case. If your first choice director is already taken we will move down your preferences. There are plenty of filmmakers to choose from; however, this is not an exhaustive list! So if you are interested in working on a director not listed, please let me know on your form and I will likely okay it!

FIRST REQUESTS ARE DUE: Wednesday, July 17th by midnight (or earlier!)

Research: Use our CCC libraries – and other trusted research resources – to do some research on your selected director’s life and work. Be sure to find reliable sources! (e.g. Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source!) Don’t forget to start with our text and make use of their bibliographical references! Search our library’s databases for academic/film journals! You should end up with a variety of sources – books and academic journal articles are the most trustworthy; online sources are iffy, so you should only rely on these for immediate and/or extra information and make sure that they are .edu, .org., or .gov with a reputable author! Once you have found your sources, read them, taken notes, and used them to gain a strong understanding of your director and her/his reception in the film world. You will use this research in your paper and provide a Works Cited page.

Screening: Use all available sources at your disposal to locate at least TWO film selections from your director (the more the better, though!) Here are some suggestions: your favorite video rental place, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Chicago Public Library, HWC collection (please search our library catalog and see me for access), Facets, film collections at other colleges and universities (if you have access), film student friends, each other! If you run into trouble finding anything, ask for help – sooner rather than later! Once you have the films in hand, screen them in their entirety! Watch for similarities in style, narrative, content, symbolism, and technique; take notes; look for evidence of your research.

Writing: Gather your impressions about your director’s stylistic approach, thematic and/or narrative concerns, place in Hollywood film history and genres, and what makes her/him/them unique. What makes this person recognizable as an “auteur” director? When you feel confident in your own response to the films, WRITE! You are aiming for a 3-4 page research and analysis paper, revolving around what you found to be your most interesting discovery about this director. Be sure to rely on your observations of the films themselves to support your claims and use your research only in support of your own points. You are NOT regurgitating a biography of your director!!! Bo-ring! Instead, pick one or two things you found most interesting from your research and from your screening of the films and revolve your discussion around that. Be sure to CITE ALL OF YOUR SOURCES! If you are uncertain how to do this, please ask! Our CCC Writing Centers are awesome resources for this too, along with the Online Writing Lab at and other online writing resources.

Posting/Submitting: You will be officially submitting your research and writing in TWO locations: 1) upload your reflection paper and works cited page as one file using the submission link provided on the Assignments page of our Bsb site, and 2) post an additional copy of the same on your group forum.

Auteur Workshop: Select a short film clip from your director (no more than 3-5 minutes) that you think serves as an interesting example of her/his/their work. Then prepare a 2-3 paragraph introduction to your director and this clip, to set it up. Post this clip and your introduction to: 1) the your GROUP FORUM, and 2) our full class forum Extravaganza. (DUE 7/26). Then, check back 2-3 times over the next 48 hours, to read and comment on your groupmates projects and clips; you will also be participating in a “group interview”, in which you will be asked a selection of questions about taking an auteur approach, reflecting on what you learned through the project. Amanda will post these questions to you and help facilitate discussion. Responding as promptly as possible, to give everyone else a chance to read and respond, will mean that we can more thoroughly and more efficiently complete the workshop and conclude no later than Sunday, July 28th by midnight (or earlier!)

Evaluation: Please see the evaluation sheet below…

Auteur Project Evaluation

______ Preparation & Research (50 pts) Loos’ Notes:

____ relevant & reliable sources

____ film choices

____ screening & methods

______ Reflection Paper (100 pts.)

____ MLA format/works cited

____ length/thoroughness (3-4 pages)

____ thesis/organization

____ engagement/analysis/research/films

____ writing quality/overall sophistication

______ Online Workshop (100 pts.)

____ clip selection

____ intro/clip setup (2-3 paragraphs)

____ interview participation and answers

____ engagement with colleagues and their work (2-3 discussion postings)

____ thoughtfulness/relevance

____ timeliness

TOTAL _______/250


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