this one is difficult this one is all about putting these videos together take you time on this one please remember theory of mind

This one is difficult – this one is all about putting these videos together.. Take you time on this one!!


Use the following words from the chapter – and find examples from the videos – and FROM YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIFE!!!

Here are your words to use

Automatic bias
Aversive racism
Blatant biases
Self-categorization theory
Social dominance orientation
Social identity theory
Stereotype Content Model
Subtle biases

Have you ever been stereotyped or discriminated against?

1) You have seen this one before… ( (Links to an external site.)but you might want to see it again)

2) This one matters!! (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.)3) This one is really funny… but really good!! (Links to an external site.)

Please ask questions!!

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