time keeping and billing

The pdf is included but the assignment must be sent back as an excel doc.

Using an Excel spreadsheet, record the time for each discrete task to the tenth (.10) of an hour. Build the spreadsheet so that it includes columns for 1) date, 2) client, 3) matter name, 4) timekeeper initials, 5) description of the services rendered, 6) the amount of billable time and 7) the amount of non-billable time, 8) the rate of the timekeeper, and 9) the total amount of fees for each entry (hours X billable rate = total amount of fees). The firm bills the paralegal’s time in the scenario below at $75.00 per hour. NOTE: You should include a formula in the last column of total amount of fees so that it multiples the cell containing the amount of billable hours by the cell containing the rate of the timekeeper. For non-billable activities, the resulting total should be $0.00. Your entries should reflect persuasive writing, using present tense without pronouns. Review the Tip Sheet for Drafting Effective Billing Time Entries found in the Reading Materials for more specific information. For any expenses, record those on a separate worksheet in the same spreadsheet document. Build out that worksheet to include the date, client, matter name, type of expense, and the cost. The firm charges $0.25 for each copy and $0.50 per page to send a facsimile. Assume that long distance telephone calls are charged at $0.25 per minute. Include the total cost for each expense

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