topic 10 dq 6

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

Before returning to school to obtain my BSN, there was a lot of information which I did not know. During my classes here at GCU I learned to the IOM report and the effects on the healthcare field, the plan for the future of the nursing field and the effects on my career. Although I did not agree with obtaining my BSN, I am satisfied that I did. I learned so much and it has enhanced by current practice. As evidenced based practice is now the back bone of the nursing field- one which gives support to how we practice; it is important to integrate EVB into all areas of nursing. For nurses to deliver high quality and safe care, clinical decision –making must be informed by the best evidence and it starts with research (Longo, 2015). One of the biggest changes I have made was engaging in nation-wide nursing professional associations. This has provided me with current data and change throughout the nursing profession, as well as help me connect with other nurses in my field. The second way I have begun to integrate evidence into my practice is to make more of an effort to pursue quality management meetings and be involved in research and develop in my field. One of the biggest obstacles for me is my shift; I work night shift which makes everything in life just a little bit harder. However, we live in a digital age and email has become my friend. Remaining in contact with my co-workers and other members of the interdisciplinary team is a necessity to be involved in creating positive change throughout my facility. Overall, to overcome obstacles in my nursing profession it will take diligence to remain on the fore front of my field.

Longo, J., & Moffa, C. (2015). Integrating evidence-based practice into nursing education: partnering for success. Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly, (4), 47. Retrieved from…

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