topic technology and the invasion of privacy should the invasion of another s privacy be strictly criminalized

5.2 Exploratory Essay

Theme: Privacy and technology

Approved topic: Technology and the Invasion of Privacy

The issue question for the research: Should the invasion of another’s privacy be strictly criminalized?

Length: 6 pages, double spaced, MLA format

Sources: three, each representing a different point of view

Please pick three reference from the attached PDF which representing a different point of view


This essay is structured around stages of your thought process and how it evolves as you reflect on how each source illuminates the issue question for your research. Please use this organization.

In this essay, you will describe the problem or controversy your issue question addresses, consider several different perspectives or “answers” to your issue question, and, based on an objective-as-possible examination of the evidence, formulate your own answer to your issue question.

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