unit 3 assignment 23

Communication messages do not simply appear for public viewing. Marketing managers must plan their advertising messages as part of their IMC plan. The media planning must be organized and structured before content can be created. The media manager will develop a plan to include answers for the present situation of the campaign and then lay out the four steps of the media plan.

For this Assignment, you will use your course product and determine an answer for the media plan questions; then you will provide information for the four steps of the media plan. This must be completed before you are able to create actual messages to be delivered.

Assignment Part 1:

Using your course product, list and briefly describe or summarize what you would propose as answers for the seven questions a media plan should cover. (Provide one paragraph for each question. See the seven questions in your eText readings for this unit.)

Assignment Part 2:

Using information from Part 1 of this Assignment, develop media for a product and complete the four steps in media planning. Use the Template for Unit 3 Assignment in Course Resources.

Review the complete Unit 3 Assignment details and rubric.

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