unit 4 assignment 22

Unit 4


Incident Action Plan: Phase 2

This assignment is Phase 2: Establish Incident Objectives of the IAP. As previously stated, the IAP contains five phases with the final submission due in Unit VIII. See the Unit VIII assignment instructions for more details about the final requirements for the IAP. You will complete Phase 2 in this assignment. Refer to the FEMA Incident Action Planning Guide, specifically Phase 2.

For this assignment, you will begin establishing incident objectives of the IAP. Incident objectives are the period of time that drive the incident organization as it conducts response, recovery, and mitigation accomplishments in the IAP. Chapters 5 and 6 of the textbook National Incident Management System: Principles and Practice (pp. 55–66) discuss planning and logistics for establishing incident objectives and the specific incident mission requirements needed to begin Phase 2.

Also in this assignment, you will prepare a well-organized and thoughtful summary/narrative consisting of two sections. The first section will consist of a one-to-two-page narrative for Phase 2 of the IAP. This narrative should expand on what you are learning during Phase 2, so you can understand the issues from the emergency services and emergency management.

Your narrative will replace the face-to-face meeting that normally occurs during an incident. Discuss immediate direction to staff, and articulate any guidance on how incident operations should proceed. The narrative should provide the following information:

  • objectives for the upcoming operational period;
  • description of the current situation;
  • status of concerns or issues;
  • any constraints, limitations, or shortfalls; and
  • establish incident objectives and strategies.

The second section of your summary/narrative will consist of at least two pages in which you summarize the following issues regarding human resources management within your fire service and/or emergency management organization and customer service within your community.

  • Describe the functions of human resources personnel within emergency management.
  • Describe the legal issues that may arise when hiring personnel in emergency management.
  • Outline motivation methods that can be used to retain personnel in emergency management.
  • Explain the importance of customer service to the community, especially in times of distress or grief that may occur after a fire or other emergency incident resulting in loss of life or property.

Remember that the incident objectives should be flexible enough to allow for change in any strategic or tactical situation or decision. As a part of this process, you will need to complete ICS Form 202 by establishing the objectives based on incident priorities, informed by situational awareness, leader’s intent, and delegations of authority.

Any information not provided in the background information, such as agency organization representatives, can be your organization’s personnel or another organization.

For Phase 2, download ICS Form ICS 202: Incident Objectivesfrom the IAP Assignment Documents folder in the course menu in Blackboard, and enter the data from the background information document and the scenario you have already chosen in Unit III. This information and other resources will enable you to complete Phase 2 of the IAP for submission. You will need to go back and revisit Form ICS 202 to ensure that incident objectives are handled consistently. Refer to the FEMA Incident Action Planning Guide (pp.19–20) on the incident objectives.

Check with your professor if you are having difficulty with any section of the form.

To supplement your discussion and support your writing, you may use information from reputable, reliable journal articles, case studies, scholarly papers, and other sources that you feel are pertinent. You should use at least three sources which can include one or both of your textbooks. All sources used, including the textbook(s), must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in proper APA style.

Both the summary/narrative and the completed ICS Form 202 should be uploaded into the assignment area in Blackboard.

NOTE: This assignment is a part of the Unit VIII Final Project. Your assignment will be graded according to the assigned rubric, and the professor will provide feedback to you. This feedback will help you to correct any discrepancies before compiling this assignment into the final IAP. This will help you to submit a quality IAP and achieve an overall better review and grade.

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