w8 race discrimination systems discussion forum

(These questions were also in your Reading Review this week):

  • Where you fit into a specific system of power and oppression (race, ability, sexuality, gender, socioeconomic class, etc.). Some possible starting places could be: How does a particular system impact me? How do I impact or perpetuate or maintain specific systems? How do different systems I’m part of intersect? It could also be helpful to contrast your experience with that of another person of different identities in similar systems.
  • After reading this article, what is something you want to learn more about, questions you want to ask, or ideas to discuss further?

You might also consider:

  • Want to discuss an idea from the reading with the class? Post it to this forum. Is there anything that you disagree with from this reading? What information is confusion? What perspectives might be missing that can help us better understand how race discrimination systems work?
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