watch the video the answer 3 marketing answers

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has implemented disclosure rules that apply to social media activities by all businesses and organizations. It is important to understand these rules because the FTC has started fining businesses for violations. In essence these rules apply to anyone engaged in digital advertising and marketing. “Compliance with the guide is voluntary; however, practices inconsistent with the information provided in the FTC guide can be the basis of corrective action taken by the FTC.” ( 2013)

Please watch the following video then answer all of the following questions. For supplemental information, please information posted lower

  1. If there is a connection between an endorser and the marketer that consumers would not expect, and it would affect how consumers evaluate the endorsement, why is it important that the connection be disclosed?
  2. Why are businesses required to have a social media policy and train employees?
  3. What are the “10 Magic Words” of disclosure

the answer should at least be a good paragraph

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