week 3 outline

Week #3 Outline


  • Chapter 2: Claims
  • Chapter 3: Support
  • Chapter 13, Section 6: Integrating Sources

Discussion board prompt:

  • After reading “A Community of Cars” by Ryan Brown in Chapter 2, complete and answer the following activities/questions below:
    • Categorize the following claims from Brown’s essay as fact, value, or policy, and explain how you determined the category of each:
      • “[W]henever I see those shelves towering up from the gleaming linoleum floors towards the blinding lights far above I am struck with the thought that eight brands of canned peas are paltry recompense for the loss of the character in that old wood floor.”
      • “[I]n a society built around cars, not the people who drive them, we seem willing to sacrifice community for convenience.”
      • “The greetings and brief, friendly conversations we used to have when passing an acquaintance while walking have been replaced with honks of a car horn.”
      • “New Urbanism and other social reform movements promise to bring back the days of centralized, walkable communities, incorporating features such as wide sidewalks and narrow streets, neighborhood stores and schools.”
      • “Perhaps we as a society need to take a step back from our highway-paced lives and slow things down to a gentle stroll.”
  • After reading Chapter 13, read “A Nation Made of Poetry” by Joannie Fischer in Chapter 15 of the textbook. After reading Fischer’s essay, respond to the questions focused on support:
    • What basic assumption or shared value is at the root of Fischer’s argument?
    • What is Fischer’s main claim? Is it a claim of fact or value?
    • How does Fischer’s argument rely on shared values? Point to specific passages to support your answer.
    • What information operates as support in Fischer’s essay? Using the four criteria of evaluation from the video in Week 2, evaluate Fischer’s use of support.

Noodle Tools:

  • Review the Noodle Tools tutorial and create a Noodle Tools account to help manage research and citations
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