week 7 2 analyzing cross discipline and connections

WEEK 7 DISCUSSION 7.2: Analyzing Cross-Disciplines and ConnectionsDiscussion Topic

Note: This discussion is more involved and is worth more points than other discussions. It also has an extended deadline.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSIONS: Your contributions should be thoughtful and developed. Answer all parts of the question and use concepts from the course materials. Use a professional style of communication, with attention to grammar, spelling, and typos; cite your sources. Use class materials only.

AVOID the words “In my opinion,” “to me,” “I think,” “I feel” etc. State your ideas and support with information and concepts from class materials!

Write an in depth response (2-4 paragraphs) to the following question. Then, give a substantive response to at least one other student.


Choose one of the following films to analyze in terms of cross-fertilization. Analyze the overall film using relevant information from this week’s content (Klages &/or Strindberg), several pieces of critical terminology on plot and character (and other elements) from Week 5’s the theatre lecture as well as the ideas of montage and mise en scene in film from the videos in Week 5. Include literary terminology from week 4. Layer visual art concepts and any relevant Music concepts from Weeks 2 & 3. You may also want to consider the information on Melodrama and Romanticism in Week 5 Contents as well as the information on periods and styles in Week 2 Contents.

Pick a specific scene (or section, since a couple films are pretty much 1 long scene) to compare the text to the film. What differences do you find? Does the film adaptation contribute to the Thought (or Character or Plot) of the original play? How are cross disciplines used to enhance Thought (or Plot or Character)? Layer on ideas and information from at least two other humanities disciplines as you analyze. For example, consider the text as poetry, the film images as visual art, literary themes emphasized by images, the editing or dialogue as the rhythm of music, the staging as dance, etc.

Choose 1 of the following play/film adaptations (read full play and view full film of your choice)

Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (Baz Luhrmann Dir., featuring Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes) — find and rent film, resources and play text in Week 7 contents (you may use Jerome Robbins’s 1961 film West Side Storyinstead of Luhrmann’s, but if so, be sure to address dance concepts!)

Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus (directed by Julie Taymor) — links to resources, play and film in Week 7 contents

August Strindberg’s Miss Julie (2014 film version, featuring Jessica Chastain & Colin Farrell) — link to play/resources in Week 7 contents, find/rent film

Amiri Baraka’s Dutchman — links to play/resources and film in Week 7 contents

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Discussion posts are due by the end of the week on Sunday by 11:30pm. Extended to WED 11:30pm

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