week 8

READ THE PDF AND WRITE AN ANALYSIS BY FOLLOWING THE STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS BELOWThe Assignment, Step-by-StepAssignment template:INTRODUCTION:First, introduce the reading and author and the year the text was written, and provide a short summary as to what the reading covers, as well as what the thesis or argument is. This should be in your own words.INTRODUCE THE CONCEPT:Second, identify 1 major concept or point from the reading. What is this concept? Summarize it briefly as you understand itEVIDENCE AND QUOTES:Third, provide evidence (in the form of at least 2 direct quotes) that you think best explains the concept (use sentence starters like “For instance/for example/___ explains this concept as one that…”/”This concept is best understood through ____’s explanation that…” etc; these quotes need to be contexualized and incorporated into your own sentences rather than just dropped in as standalone sentences). Then, explain what the quote means in 1-2 sentences! (“What ___ means by this is that…”/”In other words, ___ means that…”/”Put differently, the concept of ___ explains how…”). Don’t worry if you’re fully correct or if you’re really unsure about your analysis. Just do the very best that you can.USE VALUE TO INTERSECTIONALITY:Fourth, explain how this reading helps us understand intersectionality. What new information does it provide? What stood out to you and why?LAYPERSON EXAMPLE:Fifth, provide a metaphor or accessible example not from the reading or lecture that helps explain the concept from the reading you’re focused on to someone unfamiliar with the concept. This can be 1-3 sentences and should be accessible to someone who hasn’t read the reading. You can be as creative as you like! Draw a picture, make/steal a meme, compare the theory to a B-rated film…whatever you want.THEORY APPLICATION:Sixth, describe, in 1-2 sentences, what real-world situations, or what book/film/video game/narrative you think this concept is particularly relevant to. In other words, how would you make use of this concept? Where can you see applying it outside this text?EVALUATION:Briefly identify, based on the evaluation guidelines above, what grade range you were aiming for while completing the assignment. (eg. “I completed ___, ___, and ___, but didn’t complete ___ as I was just aiming for a ___ grade.”)

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