what is ace score

Step One: Use your favorite search engine to search for “What’s your ACE Score?” This search should bring up a wide range of websites that allow you to determine your ACE score. Complete a quiz or questionnaire to determine your ACE score.

Step Two: Follow the link for the ACE Study from the Module Lesson Content. Research the negative outcomes and prevention strategies. Reflect on the results of your ACE score and how it may affect your work with children. Answer the following questions:

  • Did anything surprise you as you learned your score? Why? Why not?
  • Did the score confirm your thoughts or concerns?
  • How do you think your ACEs (or lack of them) have affected your development? As a child? As an adult?
  • Think about the children in your program. If you are not in a program, think about a child who may be in your future program. How do you think their ACE score affects their ability to function in your program?
  • What can you do to help create safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for these children? Be specific.

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