why does klein call parts one and two of her book this changes everything bad timing and magical thinking

read book Naomi Klein – This Changes Everything.

For this assignment, you will write 1,000 words that will answer the following question: Why does Klein call Parts One and Two of her book This Changes Everything “Bad Timing” and “Magical Thinking”?

In this essay, you must do the following:

1. summarize Parts 1 and 2 of Klein’s book (chapter1-8)

2. use ONE direct quote from each chapter in Parts 1 and 2 (for a total of 8 quotes from the book in your essay) (chapter 1-8)

3. explain your answer to the prompt question using her argument ONLY (do not use outside research in this essay)

4. conclude with your opinion about her ideas

5. include an MLA works cited with ONLY her book

6. the whole essay must be in MLA format, including the essay lay out and all in-text citations and paraphrasing

In Essay #1, you will be paraphrasing and summarizing Klein’s arguments in Parts 1 and 2 of her book. You will need to write concise, focused paragraphs that do not include outside research or your opinions. Here is an example of an efficient, concise, and correct summary of one of her main points, in one body paragraph.

Sample Body Paragraph for Essay #1:

Klein traces our inaction to a much deeper, structural problem. Our economy has been built on the promise of endless growth. But endless growth is incompatible with radically reduced emissions; it’s only at times when the global economy has gone into free fall that emissions have declined by more than marginal amounts. What’s needed, Klein argues, is “managed degrowth.” Individuals are going to have to consume less, corporate profits are going to have to be reduced (in some cases down to zero), and governments are going to have to engage in the kind of long-term planning that’s anathema to free marketeers.

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