write 2 pages essay by answering the equation bellow and please make sure it more then 250 word thanks 5

There are many controversies with regard to recollection. For example, Dr. Loftus has demonstrated in court many times over that human memory is fallible. There are times when witnesses to crimes or accidents need to be able to provide accurate information to authorities. People have been (deliberately and otherwise) accused of crimes. There are times when we forget where we put important things (like our homework, a watch, murder weapons, and car keys). So, clearly, despite the fallibility of human memory, we are always attempting to rely on it for one thing or another.

If it were possible to create a device that could ACCURATELY read people’s minds (i.e., their memories), do you think it would be a good thing? Certainly it could be used for BAD things (like finding out someone’s safe combination, computer password, etc.), but, people find these things out anyway already. If such a device could be regulated such that it was only used in court, would that be a useful tool? Consider that the lie-detector has served a role something like this. (250-500 words)

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