write a research paper about magical realism


I need two files altogether. The first one is The Annotated Bibliography and the other is a formal research article. I’ll give you an example of the file about The Annotated Bibliography and you can first view before writing. The number of words required for a formal research article is 1500 (1500 words do not contain notes, and this number does not include the number of words for the bibliography document.). There is no limit to the number of words about The Annotated Bibliography. Be as detailed as possible. You need use MLA format.


We are ready to begin working on our research essay. We will all use the same topic, a simple one that is focused on explaining Magical Realism, what it is, where it came from, and some of its practitioners. I suggest that you start with simple research about what Magical Realism is, how it came about, the great authors of Magical Realism, and finally how it manifests itself today, that is to say, in what genres.As you prepare this essay please beware that you must include and quote three to five outside sources, use the MLA format, and in the process of the paper explain what magical realism is, how it developed, some of the great authors and works, and its international scope today.I made the topic very simple, so if you have never written a documented essay, you will still have no trouble. You can use as few as three sources, as I say above, and we have been working the whole term on the format, except we now will deploy several quotations and certainly a works cited page.

an attached Works Cited page / minimum three sources, but more acceptable / every source listed on the works cited (minimum 3) are quoted a minimum of one time each in the paper / use of parenthetical references with the period outside the reference only like this ( ) .

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