write based on prompt below see attachment for further details about the assignment

Soul of Money Assignment

Brief Recap: Read the book (The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist).

Keep “notes to self” as you read (reactions, questions, etc.).

Some possible reflective questions are contained in the attached document.

Write your essay,

Overview:This book and related website (http://www.soulofmoney.org/about/about-lynne-twist/) offer a perspective about money that we may not have encountered or thought about in any depth. The Questions to Ponder and/or Discuss document, narrations, and discussion are optional and merely to help you get started. When writing your essay, refer to the Assignment Specifics.

Assignment Specifics: Read the book and prepare an essay that critiques and reflects on the relationship of money to business, society, and the accounting profession. Relate your experiences and your reflections to The Soul of Money. Your essay should be four to five pages in length, with 1.5 spacing, 12-point font, one-inch margins, and professionally written and formatted.

Essay writing:Essays are usually written from the author’s perspective and can include personal recollections, objective and factual observations, and the big picture or universal perspective that can help others “connect the dots” in connection with the theme or topic being discussed. The best essays make use, to at least some degree, of all these categories. As with any writing assignment, you will do your best work when you allow time for more than one draft of your work so that you can re-visit it and make sure that it truly says what you want it to convey. Consider reading it aloud.

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