write chapter 2

I want to write chapter 2 (Literature Review) of my research.

My topic is

“Students’ Perceptions and attitudes of Social Media as a Learning Tool in Hail University in Saudi Arabia.”

In this study utilizes the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM 1) and uses an online questionnaire to collect data about the research (quantitative methodology).


1) Use APA style and reference list alphabetical order

2) Page number add when you do any paraphrase

3) If you do well on this task, I’ll ask you to write Ch 3,4,5 and 1

4) Plagiarism NOT accepted at all

5) The paper should be between 12-15 pages excluding the bibliography and title page, utilize 12-inch font, and be double-spaced. The references should use APA style format.

6) Includes many citations and uses APA style correctly.

7) Uses own words to synthesize “others” ideas.

8) Uses transitions to ensure “flow” among sub-sections

9) Integrates and applies the ideas of numerous authors.

10) States purpose of the paper explicitly and early on.

11) Addresses all specifics AND creates an engaging and interesting read for the audience.

12) Grammar mistakes not accepted

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