writing assignments 16


Chapter 6

1. Describe three differences between a sketch and a completed work based on a sketch. Select one specific painting, sculpture, or architectural work for which you can find several preliminary drawings; then comment on the specific similarities and differences between the sketches and the final work. Conclude with your assessment of the process of preliminary drawings as an essential or nonessential part of the process of completing a work.

2. Discuss the characteristics and different forms of charcoal. Considering Yvonne Jacquette’s Three Mile Island, Night I, explain how the medium of charcoal is employed in her drawing.

Chapter 7

3. Select three of the painting media discussed in this chapter and briefly describe and explain the qualities and characteristics of each, and the techniques used to apply each. Then discuss a work created in each of the three media you have chosen using examples from your textbook.

4.Discuss the unique features of the mosaic medium. How is it similar or different to that of painting? Select a mosaic work from the text and describe its function as art. Who is the intended audience?

Chapter 8

5. Choose three different printing techniques and describe their differences. For each, use specific prints (artist and titles please) in this chapter as examples in your discussion and talk about how they appeal to you (or not) regarding your sense of aesthetics.

6. Consider Ruscha’s Standard Station, included in this chapter of the text. Identify the printing technique used in this work. Discuss the subject matter of this print and briefly describe the materials and process used to create such a work. How is the attitude of the artist towards his subject reinforced by the choice of medium?

Chapter 9

7. Consider Daguerre’s early photograph Le Boulevard du Temple. Identify the reason(s) that this image is important to the history of photography and the difficulties inherent in the production of this image.

8. Discuss key editing terms in film such as shots (long, full, and iris), close-ups and extreme close-ups, pan, flashback, and cross-cutting in the context of a well-known film that you have seen more than one time. Make sure you identify the film and the director and how these techniques are specifically illustrated in your chosen film.

Chapter 10

9. Consider Dürer’s interest in designing and experimenting with the proportions of typefaces; then discuss the role of type as one of the graphic designer’s tools in reflecting attitudes and concepts. Support this second part of the questions with examples from the text.

10. Consider Toulouse-Lautrec’s La Goulue at the Moulin Rouge. Identify the time period and printing technique used to create this poster. Then discuss the artist’s purpose for creating the poster and significant influences on the artist’s style.

Scoring Guide for Assignment 8

Assignment #8
Writing Assignment Chapter Questions
  • Include opinion and information gathered from the chapter using terms and supporting essays with examples when requested.(Up to 17 points)
  • 2 paragraph minimum per question (A paragraph is 1 topic sentence and 4-5 or more supportive sentences.)(Up to 10 points)
  • Use appropriate terms or processes in relation to your answer/example(s) (Up to 10 points)
  • Type chosen question before answering (Up to 3 points)
  • Spelling and Grammar (Up to 5 points) NOTE: Over five errors more points will be deducted! NO TEXTING SHORTCUTS!
Total: Up to 45 points
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