writing research paper 8

Write Essays responding to the following questions

1. Use your favorite Internet search engine and find an example of a successful innovation and one that was not so successful. (Finding failures is difficult.) What were the reasons given for success? For failure? Which of these reasons relate to poor planning? What does this tell you about the keys to success in innovation?

2. Do you believe creativity can be learned? Find an article or website that is devoted to capturing creativity in the work environment. What does the author say about individual creativity and group creativity?

3. Find an article or website that provides guidelines for developing an innovative organization. What do you think of the advice given?

4. In developing an organizational climate that supports innovation, management often overlooks critical issues. This is true especially when setting up and nurturing communication networks. Many good ideas are lost because the right person is not available at the right place at the right time to bring the innovation to fruition. What issues do you believe are critical in planning for the integration and sharing of information in an innovative firm? How do these issues differ for product and process innovations?

Requirements: APA Format, At least 2000 words, at least 4 references

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