1 discussion 1 assignment see attached documents

  • Discussion
    • In this discussion, I want you to compare the normative theories of Egoism with Ethics of Care.
    • Do you find both or either of these theories are at the same level as Utilitarianism, Deontology, Rights Theory, and Virtue Ethics?
    • The only two ethical theories we are studying from the 20th century were from women. Do you find that these theories are at odds with one another or compatible? In what ways specifically?
    • In Death of Nature we read that women who challenge the status quo are often demonized and rejected. Do you think that either of these philosophers would have been received differently if they were not women? How do you think their gender has shaped the way they have been received by society? (You may want to read some secondary sources to answer this question if you are unfamiliar with their background)
    • Please post your one page answer by the end of Thursday. By the end of Sunday, please give two responses to your classmates giving critical feedback. This is less about an absolute right or wrong answer so please give a thoughtful answer. You are also free in this section to tell any personal or professional stories to make your points.
  • Assignment
    • Please write a 2 page paper applying ethical egoism to The Fountainhead. Ayn is one of the most misunderstood philosophers of the 21st century. You may still disagree with her when you are done but you should at least know her principles. Use specific examples and apply specific principles to them. An example of a good paper would be a concise introduction which explains what ethical egoism is (or Objectivism as Ayn named it) and conclusion which can include your own opinion. In the body of the essay, perhaps write five paragraphs of analysis which specify one of Ayn’s principles and an example from the movie/book which exemplifies this principle. You can do more or less than five but try to give a few examples and some good analysis. Submit the paper below through Turnitin.
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