5 paragraph questions essay

the final is a 5-paragraph essay summing up the class and applying the overall lessons of international organizations to Britain’s decision to leave the EU. Each paragraph will need 3-5 sentences including a clear response to the prompt for that paragraph and some supporting facts or examples from lecture or readings. Because the students who took the final early asked me to clarify some portions, I slightly adjusted some of the prompts to make it even more clear–basically expanding the beginning overview and compressing the specifics on Britain.

Here are the revised prompts so you can organize your study and practice. Please let me know if there are any questions. See you tomorrow!

Brexit–“To Be or Not to Be” Multilateral?

1-What are the general arguments for and against global governance? What are the general trade-offs of international organizations for member states?

2-Describe the general trade-offs of form, function, and fairness as they apply to one of the global organizations we have studied: the UN Security Council, UN Refugee agency, WTO, or UN Environment system (UNEP, Climate Negotiations, Global Environmental Fund, etc.).

3-Now sketch the general profile of the EU: what does the EU do—and how well has it worked? What are the areas of success and discontent?

4-How has Britain benefited or been disadvantaged by membership in the EU? Why and how did Britain decide to Brexit?

5—Based on what you have learned in this class about international organizations and comparing Britain’s situation in the EU to the general lessons of multilateralism: should Britain leave the EU? Why or why not?

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