8 page sex crimes essay

Sex Crimes

Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice College of Arts and Sciences

CRJU 4650

FINAL EXAM DIRECTIONS Your paper will respond to ALL of the following questions:

1. What is the difference between sexual deviance and a sex crime?

2. What do we know about rape? Include prevalence, offender and victim

characteristics/outcomes, and policies.

3. What do we know about sex trafficking? Include prevalence, offender and victim

characteristics/outcomes, and policies.

4. What do we know about child sex abuse? Include prevalence, offender and

victim characteristics/outcomes, and policies.

5. What do we know about sex offenders and their victims? Include recidivism

information, policies, treatment options, and collateral consequences.

6. Finally, each student will look back over their initial paper submitted to class

(opinion paper). Outline how your knowledge of sex crimes has changed since this original paper and now. Discuss misconceptions you might have had, things you learned, and anything you found especially surprising. This is where your opinion is added to the paper (nowhere else!).

Assignment Requirements:

There are no page minimums for this assignment but I would expect you to be able to answer these questions in roughly 8-10 pages. Make sure you answer all parts of the question being asked thoroughly and submit the assignment in a paper format (not question and answer) with an intro, body, conclusion (I also recommend using headings and subheadings).

The following items must also be met:

  • Margins should be one inch and use an approved 12 pt font (Arial, Times New
  • Roman, and Calibri only). You will submit the assignment with a separate cover page that contains your name, date, and the class title. Remember, the cover page (and reference page) do not count toward the six page minimum for this assignment. Any part of these requirements that are not adhered to will be corrected and the appropriate penalty accessed,

  • Make sure you add in-text citations. These are required for any paper in all of my classes. A reference page is also required. Submit the assignment with
  • references on a separate sheet after the end of your paper. You must use APA formatting. You need to have a minimum of new FOUR empirical sources for this paper but papers grounded in research tend to do better. Be sure to use empirical sources. Wikipedia, the dictionary, websites, fact sheets from organizations, and other like sources do not qualify as empirical. Empirical refers to academic references. Those that qualify are books, research articles from peer-reviewed journals, governmental reports, etc. If you are in doubt, email me.

  • You must include in-text citations.
  • You can have one direct quote (with the citation) in this paper but paraphrase
  • otherwise. More than one quote results in a deduction.

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