analyzing a real world instance of communication and developing an argument about its cultural significance

Select a contemporary example of visual communication to analyze such as a music video; an advertisement or commercial; a scene from a film or television program; a news segment; a video game; a YouTube video; a comic book; a piece of art, etc. Since the paper is only five to seven pages, it is important that you select an example that is manageable. Be sure you are able to describe your example with enough detail so that a reader would not need to see it in order to understand your paper.

Develop an argument that provides critical insights into the significance of your communication example to society or culture more broadly. Possible questions to consider (not a comprehensive list):

-What are the culturally shared meanings, values and beliefs embedded within your example? -What does your example reveal about contemporary culture? -How does your example confirm, challenge or complicate arguments or concepts from the readings? -Does your example reproduce the status quo? -How does your example represent the self or a particular identity category? -Does your example contain an implicit argument about the relationship between technology and society? -Can your example be seen as political? What are its politics?

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