application project 1

Psychopathology from a Clinical Perspective

Final Project Guidelines

As part of your Final Project, you continue your examination of the DSM-5 as you assess and diagnose a fictional character.This character may be one from movies, theater, television, or literature. Your Final Project must demonstrate both breadth and depth of knowledge and critical thinking appropriate to graduate-level scholarship.

Final Project

(10 pages – Not including title page, abstract, and references)

Your Final Project must include the following elements:


  • A description of your client (e.g., this character may be one from movies, theater, television, or literature.)

II.Background Information

  • A description of your client’s presenting information
  • A brief description of additional individuals (family, other professional positions, etc.) you might include as part of your assessment
  • An explanation as to why you would include additional individuals in this assessment
  • Diagnosis
  • Risk and Resilience Factors:
  • Psychosocial and Family Issues
  • Career and Vocation
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Continued Assessment
  • Follow-up Recommendations for Treatment
  • A diagnosis using the DSM-5
  • An explanation of your client’s risk and resilience factors.
  • An explanation of any psychosocial and/or family issues your client may present.
  • An explanation of any career or vocational issues your client may be experiencing.
  • An explanation regarding any potential legal or ethical issues concerning assessment and diagnosis of your client.
  • Provide an explanation whether a continuing assessment is necessary and justify your explanation.
  • A description of proposed recommendations for your client based upon assessment and diagnosis.
  • A justification for proposed recommendations

NOTE: This is NOT a Treatment Plan for a client.

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