case religio

Read the case study on page 180 and answer the questions APA Style due July 28th 9:59pm

Page 180 Religion

The teachers and administrators of Edison Onizuka Middle School near San Francisco had put the finishing touches on their plans for the school’s honors convocation. They had selected Ramakrishna Patel and Rebecca Rose, who were tied with the highest grades in the eighth grade, to be recognized in a convocation ceremony. Each student was asked to make a 7-to 10-minute speech on the value of an education. Because the faculty and Dr. Hovestadt, the principal, wanted the district superintendent to be part of the ceremony, they had agreed to schedule the event at 3:00 p.m. on the fourth Saturday in May, the superintendent’s only available time.

Dr. Hovestadt called the Patel and Rose families to inform them of their children’s selection as convocation speakers. As expected, both sets of parents were delighted at the news of their son’s and their daughter’s accomplishments and selection. Mr. Rose indicated, however, that Saturday was quite impossible because it was the Sabbath for their family, who were Orthodox Jews. The Sabbath, a day of religious observance and rest among Jews, is from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday. Orthodox Jews are a conservative branch of Judaism who strictly observes religious law. The event had to be rescheduled for any other day but the Sabbath. It was impossible, Dr. Hovestadt pleaded. All the plans were made, and no satisfactory alternative dates were available. “Would you plan the event on a Sunday?” Mr. Rose exclaimed. “I would not ask you to. Then why do you schedule it on our Sabbath? You must change the day.” With the two at an impasse, Dr. Hovestadt knew he had to come up with an alternative plan in a hurry.


1. Is Mr. Rose being unreasonable?

2. What if the event in question took place in a homogeneous community that was primarily Christian, and the Rose family were one of only two Jewish families in the community? In a democracy, should the majority rule?

3. How would you feel if you were a Christian living in a non-Christian community, and a major event that you were expected to attend was scheduled on Christmas Day?

4. Do the rights of every individual have to be considered?

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