case study patagonia driving sustainable innovation by embracing tensions


Need assistance with writing case study. Professor grades extremely hard so you have to follow guidelines that he provided below. I also attached an example and his feedback to one of my recent papers. You can use as a guide.

Please take a few minutes to read the following.

To begin, please review the details as to what is expected for these business case papers. All details can be found on page 9 of the syllabus. To reiterate and also attached:

-Papers are to be a minimum of 3 pages, maximum 4 pages, not including the cover page and references.

-Papers are to be double spaced. Margins are to be 1 inch all around; 12 point Times New Roman font.

-You need to use at least 3 trusted sources OTHER than the case study itself.

-At Mercy College, APA format is used – please review APA guidelines for proper formatting of the cover page; running head; pagination; in-text citations; references page (not Works Cited).

You may want to use the grading rubric that is found on page 9 in the syllabus as an outline for your paper to ensure that you fully answer all parts of the assignment question. To reiterate, the multi-pronged assignment question and response will contain the following separate and distinct sections in your paper submission including:

-Concise Introduction

-Concise Summary of the Case Study (be sure to always cite the case study itself!!)

-Critical Evaluation of the case study issues from the perspective of Business

-Critical Evaluation of the case study issues from the perspective of Government

-Critical Evaluation of the case study issues from the perspective of Society

-Critical Evaluation of the how the case study issues from the three perspective Inter-Relate

-Concise Conclusion

Failing to fully answer any part of the above sections will result in points being deducted from your grade. Please note that if you do not include subsection headings, it must be absolutely clear what part of the multi-pronged assignment question you are answering.

Please be sure to consistently include in-text citations for ALL of the material you use from other sources which is not your own independent thoughts and words. Citations are needed for material that is both paraphrased as well as material which is quoted. By not including an in-text citation, the material presents as if it is your own independent thought and writing, which can be construed as plagiarism, if and when it is material taken from another source.

Please note that the case study itself needs to be cited. There are different ways to incorporate in-text citations into your writing, you can find examples online. But it is imperative that you include the citations.

Furthermore, in-text citations are used to show the source that supports your assertions as part of the critical evaluation process. Without citations, the assertion being made reads as a personal opinion and not critical evaluation of the issue because you are not showing from what trusted source you are obtaining the information to support your statement. Any assertion needs to be ‘validated’ by finding support for the assertion from a trusted source. The citation of the trusted source tells the reader from where the support is coming from.

Regarding critical evaluation and what it means to critically evaluate, please review the Blackboard content regarding Critical Evaluation; supporting assertions with citations from trusted sources; and review the examples provided as well as watch the video.

Additionally, these business case papers should not merely be a recap of the events written about in the case study. You need to clearly identify the issue(s) and analyze those issues from the various perspectives (i.e. business, government, society).

As I stated on the conference calls, these case studies were written a few years ago – much has happened with these companies in the real world since the publication of these case studies. I encourage you to do research on the companies, persons, issues, etc. which are being written about and incorporate more timely research findings into your analysis. You might ask yourself:

What has happened to the company? Has it gone out of business? What has occurred with its stock/valuation over the years? What has happened to senior management? What has been the company’s impact on society? How has society reacted to learning about the company’s actions? How has government intervened in these issues? Has new legislation been created because of these issues? What has been this impact? Etc. Note that this list is not all encompassing by can provide you will questions to spur your analysis and critical evaluation of the issues you are reading in the case studies.

Please also carefully proofread your work prior to submission to avoid submitting papers that contain spelling, grammar, and syntax errors. There are writing resources available in the library and you can speak with your graduate advisor to find out additional resources if necessary.

Please see resources attached and please follow instructor scoring guide.

Assignment Details:

WEEK 8 (Business Case Paper #3 DUE Wednesday, 7/10/19)

Topic: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Read Case: “Patagonia: Driving sustainable innovation by embracing tensions” (B5853-PDF-ENG)

Read Textbook: Chapter 5 “Corporate Social Responsibility”

Read Textbook: Chapter 6 “Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility”

Assignment: Answer all parts of this multi-pronged Assignment Question:

Identify and critically evaluate the case study issue(s) from the perspective of Business, Government, and

Society, individually; Critically evaluate and discuss how the issues are inter-related.

Example of completed paper is attached with feedback.

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