child and adolescent psychiatry discussion

Discussion: Special Topics in Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry
Many children face special issues that impact everyday life, whether it is within themselves, their
families, or their environment. The PMHNP must be sensitive to these many issues that children
and adolescents are faced with during important developmental years.
In this Discussion, you select a special population and analyze the psychological issues that the
population faces. You also address the assessment and treatment needs of the population.
Learning Objectives
Students will:
ï‚· Analyze psychological issues that may arise in children faced with special circumstances
ï‚· Evaluate assessment measures used with children faced with special circumstances
ï‚· Evaluate treatment options used with children faced with special circumstances
ï‚· Analyze cultural influences on treatments (D)
To Prepare for the Discussion:
ï‚· Review the Learning Resources.
To complete:
ï‚· Select one of the following topics for the Discussion:
o Adoption
o Foster care
o Gender dysphoria
o Forensic issues
o Impact of terrorism on children
ï‚· Explain the psychological issues that may result from your topic.
ï‚· Describe the most effective assessment measure that could be used, and explain why you
selected this.
ï‚· Explain the treatment options available for children and adolescents involved with your
selected disorder.
ï‚· Explain how culture may influence treatment.

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