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Select one of the “Big 3” automobile companies in the US, or another large US manufacturing firm that interests you. Identify one or more Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for that firm. Read and comment upon the choices of others in the class.

I select General motors


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Please respond to my classmate discussion below:

General Motors SWOT analysis


-Global organization

-Value their diverse employees

-Newer vehicles weigh less, require less fuel, and reduce carbon emissions to better the environment.


-High debt, increased by 31% over the last year


-Innovative technology creating hybrid cars

-global market that with increased demand

-7.3 Billion spent on research and development



-Stricter government regulations

General Motors has strengths that are driven by being a global organization that places a high value on their employees diverse backgrounds, and creating new vehicles that are more environmentally friendly (About GM, n.d.). This automotive company is developing cars and trucks that seek to assist in being more beneficial to the well-being of the planet. “Unfortunately, their biggest weakness is the amount of debt, which is 31% higher than the previous year”. (General Motors Company SWOT Analysis, 2019). Even though they are forward thinking in the products they make, they are slowly going back into an enormous amount of debt. On the other hand, there are many opportunities for General Motors due to increased demand in a global market, the creation of more hybrid vehicles, and “7.3 Billion dollars spent on R & D”. (General Motors Company SWOT Analysis, 2019). This means that they have successfully entered the world arena for car manufacturing, and more people are purchasing their products due to the type of vehicles offered, with the increased research and development of better cars. There are also two major threats to General Motors, which are: comparable vehicles offered by other companies, and the growing regulations the government is putting on automobiles, (General Motors Company SWOT Analysis, 2019). No matter how many advantages and benefits newer cars assist the consumer to help the environment, there will always be more competition and rules that car companies must follow.


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