communication assignment 14

First, review Chapters 9 and 12 of the textbook and the other required resources, including the brief videos (television commercials) that incorporate perspectives on race, gender, and disability.

Also, refer back to your Module One Journal assignment, in which you examined commercial advertisements for the absence and presence of cultural stereotypes and/or generalizations for potential media bias. Be sure to use the feedback you received on your assignment as you complete this journal assignment. In your journal assignment, address the following:

  • In what ways do you believe the media has changed how underrepresented cultures (e.g., gender, race, disability, and/or other identities) are being depicted? Offer specific media examples when presenting your argument.
  • How might the cultural values depicted in these media messages compare with the cultural values held by the society in which they were created?
  • What challenges might these contrasting values bring? Offer specific examples and draw on resources from previous modules to support your analysis.
  • What recommendations might you make to account for the contrasting values of underrepresented cultures, as well as the challenges of successfully communicating with all of them?

Remember that your assignment must be reflective of the knowledge you have been exposed to in this module, so be sure to support your responses by referencing text chapters, articles, and videos.

To complete this assignment, review the Module Five Journal Guidelines and Rubric.

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