community health 29

Part 1: Introduction

  • Write a background statement of approximately 1–2 pages that includes:
    • What you have learned about social change as a social issue.
    • What you have learned about social change as a research problem. Support your insights with academic citations from the Learning Resources.
    • Describe the gap that your study will address. ( Community Health )
  • From the gap, create a brief purpose statement that is aligned with the following research question:

What is the meaning of social change for Walden graduate students?

Part 2: Role of the Researcher

  • Review your analytic memos, field notes, etc., written during each aspect of the data collection process, and examine your role and experience and how that is shaping your experience (reflexivity).
  • Describe the roles you are portraying in this research effort (i.e., a graduate student, classmate, interviewer, etc.).
  • Identify any ethical issues that could or did arise during the data collection processes (i.e., these could include doing a study within one’s own work environment, conflict of interest, or power differentials).
  • Data Sources—briefly describe each data source including location, duration of data collection, how data were recorded, and unusual circumstances.
    • Two Scholars of Change videos
    • Resources from the Walden social change website (
  • Instrumentation—briefly describe the type of instrumentation you used for your data collection.
    • Who developed each data collection tool and what is the date of publication?
    • Where and with which participant group has it been used previously?
    • How appropriate is it for current study and include whether modifications will be or were needed?
  • Data Analysis—based on the data sources in “A.”, provide a detailed analysis to include the following:
    • Report the process used to move inductively from coded units to larger representations including categories and themes.
    • Describe the specific codes, categories, and themes that emerged from the data using quotations as needed to emphasize their importance.
      • 1st cycle—describe, give examples.
      • 2nd cycle—describe, give examples/moving from codes to categories.
      • Identify themes—provide examples and illustrate your results with a figure or a chart.
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