complete 2 psych cultural diversity discussions


Read the vignette of Sameer on page 316. Discuss the cultural values and characteristics present with Sameer and his wife. Assess any acculturation issues. If you are the group counselor with Sameer, how would you work with Sameer and the group? If Sameer was referred for individual or couple counseling, what would you focus on in therapy and how would you work through the sessions?


Read chapter 13, Socal Class. Read Box 13.2 : Class Factors to Consider During Assessment page 371, then read “The Case of Jean” on page 372. Before reading the remainder of the case on page 373, complete Activity 13.4: Initial Mental Status Examination. Once Activity 13.4 is completed, read the rest the case and complete Activity 13.5: Further Assessment. Write a summary of your responses to the questions in both activities and discuss how the initial information and new information impacted your thoughts or impressions.


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