current event analysis 1

In this assignment, you will compare news accounts of a current event of your choice using summary and analysis skills. Your assignment should be two to three pages in length and formatted according to APA guidelines.

Step 1: Select a current event topic.

Consider contemporary debatable news topics. Some ideas for exploration include tariffs, border politics, Brexit, role of the UN, digital hacking, populist politics, emergent technologies, and labor practices.

Step 2: Research and select two representations of the current event in the news media.

One representation should be from a credible source. The second should be from a source that may include potential biases.

Step 3: Summarize your selected articles.

For each article, provide a three-paragraph summary of the key points, main examples, and reasoning. The goal is to provide objective summaries that relay the information of the articles. Resist the urge to give into your own biases! Remember to clearly label each summary and remember to include an APA citation for each reference.

Step 4: Write a compare and contrast analysis.

Provide a two- to three- page compare and contrast analysis that evaluates the credibility, validity, timeliness, and biases of the articles. Remember to consider the tools in information literacy that you read about in the Week 2 Lesson to help shape your response.

Grading Rubric

Item Description Value
Summary (2) Each summary includes an objective assessment of the information provided. Summaries are academic in nature and are organized in relation to main ideas and key examples. Enough detail is supplied to provide a clear understanding of the current event. 50 (25 points per summary)
Compare and Contrast Analysis The writer provides a clear evaluation of the articles that compares their credibility, validity, timeliness, and biases. Value judgements are made regarding the appropriateness of each article. 35
APA Citations (2) APA citations are provided and properly formatted. Articles used are appropriate to the assignment. 10 (5 points per summary)
Mechanics Standard language conventions are used appropriate to academic and professional communication. Attention is paid to grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation. 5
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