discussion 2305

Read Case for Critical Analysis “Lauren’s Balancing Act” at the end of Chapter 12 (pp. 549-550) about motivating employees. Respond to the following questions:

  • What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of the incentive system that DeMarco’s is using for sales associates? What impact do you think it’s having on the DeMarco’s culture? Explain.
  • Do you think the complaints of lower-paid sales associates are legitimate? Why? How do you suggest that Lauren respond to these complaints, such as the gripe that the system offers few opportunities for large commissions in some departments?
  • Have the successes of sales associates such as Katherine and Damien created a situation in which customers’ loyalty to particular salespeople is stronger than their loyalty to the store? For example, if a successful associate leaves DeMarco’s, might the customer leave also? Explain.



  1. Be sure to submit your discussion response in Canvas by the posted due date and time (Central Time). You will not be able to submit once the module closes.
  2. By submitting a discussion response, you are acknowledging that your response is original, and that you have not received any assistance from others.
  3. Once you post your original comment, as time permits, go back and consider responding to your classmates’ posts in order to enrich the learning process within the discussion thread. Please note to be thoughtful, helpful, and respectful with any comments shared to classmates.
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